About SpiinCare

Who we are and what we do

Owning a vehicle can quickly become more than you bargained for. There’s insurance, cleaning, regular maintenance, repairs… ALL on top of paying for the actual vehicle itself. After all your hard work, your car seems to keep losing value, while you keep paying more to keep it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your car pay for itself, and take care of itself too?

Take a look at driving with Spiin. Regardless of personal credit history or insurance track record, Spiin will help you to get into the right vehicle for your specific personal needs today,¬†through our inventory of Spiin Fleet Vehicles. Once you’re driving with Spiin, we help to optimize your personal credit, build a favorable insurance track record, and earn equity in your vehicle each day. We also handle the cleaning, maintenance and repair of your vehicle, because it’s OUR vehicle too.

With all of the value and convenience that Spiin offers, perhaps the most important solution is helping you to use your car, truck or van to make money through our Spiin Job Boards. From ride sharing, meal and grocery delivery, to odd jobs within your neighborhood and community — Spiin turns your automobile into a revenue producing vehicle, with flexible jobs that let you be in charge of your schedule. Sound interesting?

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