A Revenue Producing Vehicle

Turn your car into a source of income

With Spiin Jobs, your automobile can now be used to perform all types of useful services for your fellow humans, helping you to earn extra money… or even create a full time career.

All payments are made conveniently through the Spiin app. You can have your pay deposited to your bank account of choice the very next day, or use Spiin to instantly transfer money to your other friends on Spiin — book a babysitter, schedule a home cleaning, or get YOUR food delivered — because YOU can use Spiin to make your home life easier too!

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Jobs Available

Ride Sharing

Spiin Jobs will let you know about Uber, Lyft and other “ride sharing” opportunities near you.

Meal & Grocery Delivery

Spiin Jobs will let you know about DoorDash, GrubHub and other meal delivery and grocery delivery opportunities near you.

Package & Prescription Delivery

Have you ever wanted to work for Amazon? Well, now you sort of can! Spiin Jobs will let you know about package delivery opportunities in your local area.

Service Routes

Spiin Jobs will make you aware of service jobs in your local area, like pest control technician routes, lawn fertilizer routes, even paper routes.

Neighborhood Jobs

Spiin Jobs isn’t just for you, it’s for your kids too! From neighborhood jobs like babysitting, yard care and dog walking, to odd jobs within your local community. Spiin Jobs gives local folks a place to post and find temporary help in their own back yard. And ALL jobs are paid immediately through the Spiin app once the job is complete. Simple.